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Biothane Anaerobic Technologies

Leading Anaerobic Technologies

Biothane is one of the world's leading companies in the field of biological treatment of industrial wastewater. We have a portfolio of highly effective technologies that can be applied in a vast variety of sectors and installations. With more than 600 installations constructed in over 40 countries around the globe, Biothane demonstrates its outstanding competency in the field of anaerobic wastewater treatment.

Anaerobic Technologies

The principle of anaerobic treatment is the utilization of anaerobic bacteria (biomass) to convert organic pollutants or COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) into biogas in an oxygen free environment.

Anaerobic treatment is a proven and energy efficient method to treat industrial wastewater. Low energy use, a small reactor surface area, lower chemical usage and reduced sludge handling costs are advantageous features of this technology over aerobic alternatives. In addition, biogas produced by anaerobic treatment can be used as energy
. It is possible for an anaerobic plant to be energy neutral or even an energy producer.

Drivers for anaerobic technology

  • Low operation costs; low energy consumption (no oxygen requirement), low production of sludge, low nutrient requirement.
  • Biogas Generation = Usable Methane; offset of natural gas costs, production of heat and energy
  • Compact process design
  • Degradation of aerobic non-degradable substrates
  • Solid removal
  • Treatment of high-concentrated wastewater
  • Campaign treatment
  • Use of renewable energy

Field of applications

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