Technical Details

Biostyr™ Compact biofiltration technology

Biostyr™ is based on the use of light and floating filling material: Biostyrene™

BIOSTYRENE ™ consists of polystyrene beads manufactured specifically and sized according to the required result. These beads are blocked under the ceiling of the concrete structure (the cell) which is fitted with nozzles which allow the treated water to flow out. Therefore, BIOSTYRENE ™ optimizes the cycle duration between washes, and avoids clogging.

Feeding from the base causes "self-compacting" of the filter bed, with a beneficial effect on its ability to retain suspended solids. The nozzles, located in the upper part of the filter, are easily accessible.

The aeration manifold is located in the lower part of the structure, thus optimizing the contact time between the wastewater and the process air.

Biomass and suspended solids accumulated inside the filter medium must be removed regularly by periodic backwashes. The light weight of the material allows the system to be washed by simple gravity expansion of the filter medium using the treated water stored in the upper structure (flushing). This results in less equipment being installed (no wash pump), less maintenance and better energy efficiency.