Biostyr™ exists in several versions, depending on the pollution to be treated:

  • Carbon removal only
  • Carbon removal and ammonia oxidation (nitrification)
  • Carbon removal and combined pre-denitrification, nitrification in separate structures
  • Carbon removal and simultaneous nitrification-denitrification
  • Tertiary nitrification, or tertiary denitrification with addition of a soluble carbon source (i.e. methanol)

Patented One-Stage Treatment

The advantages of simultaneous "Nit-Denit":

  • Less energy consumption due to:

    o Lower air consumption
    o Reduced recirculation of treated effluent
  • Reduced equipment cost due to:

    o Common air grid for scour and process air
    o Smaller pumps and blowers

Biostyr ™ is particularly suitable whenever compactness is sought, such as:

  • In tourist and resort areas, where land pressure and claims of neighbors are often experienced,
  • In mountainous areas where, due to the harsh climate, treatment installations have to be completely protected from bad weather, tolerance of the process to variations in load being another asset.