Biological aerated filter (BAF)

Biostyr™ - the most effective biofilter on the market

With 25 years of experience and over 160 references, Veolia Water Technologies, is the world leader on the biofilter market.

Biostyr™ - the compact biofiltration solution

Biostyr™ is a simple and innovative process, enabling removal of pollution in a compact structure, thereby presenting a low environmental footprint.

Biostyr™ is able to eliminate all pollution, both organic (COD and BOD), nitrogenous (N-NH4 and N-NO3) and particulate compounds (TSS).

The modular design of Biostyr™ makes it a suitable tool in cases of variable load as part of the cells can be stopped and restarted quickly.

As a biofilter, Biostyr™ combines in a single structure:

  • a biological reactor
  • a physical filter to store the biomass and stop particulate pollution

Therefore, Biostyr ™ requires no final clarifier.