Biosep ™ for municipalities

Biosep™ for municipalities

Biosep™ is a membranes bioreactor developed by Veolia. It is an activated sludge process in which membranes provide the clarification.

Biosep™ is suitable for municipal clients who:

  • must adhere to high discharge standards (environmentally sensitive areas)
  • want to achieve high wastewater treatment efficiency
  • have a limited area to operate in
  • want to reuse water for irrigation, for use in sprinkler systems or for recharging aquifers

Biosep™ is ideal for meeting the requirements of municipal clients who experience sharp seasonal load variations (touristic areas). Biosep™ also enables the purified water to be released directly back into environmentally sensitive areas, thereby avoiding the construction of long outfalls.

Advantages of the Biosep™ Process for Municipal Clients:

  • Membranes provide clarification; the load applied can be significantly higher than in a classic activated sludge. For the same load, the reactor is smaller so, the plant is more compact
  • Thanks to its compactness, the structure can be easily confined, and odor and noise nuisances are controlled
  • On mixed wastewater, Biosep™ is free of risks related to fibrous sludge bulking
  • By undergoing an additional UV treatment, the water treated by Biosep™ can be reused in irrigation, sprinkler systems or for recharging aquifers
  • Biosep™ is ideal when refurbishing existing sites, thanks to its compact design and the fact that it can be easily installed in existing tanks