New Biosep™ Pack 3

Biosep™ Pack 3, the new standard filtration units

A tried and tested technological solution

Biosep™ Pack 3

For the past 10 years, the distinguishing feature of Biosep™ has been its innovative combination of biological treatment using activated sludge and a real physical barrier-membrane filtration.

This unique knowledge of the market has led to the birth of Biosep™ Pack, a high performance, standard tool for Municipal effluents and Industrial effluents.

The submerged membranes within the Biosep™ Pack provide superior quality treated effluent which can be re-used whilst complying with increasingly strict environmental controls. In line with the ever increasing demand, once treated, the water may also be recycled. Biosep™ Pack is fully optimized and includes:

The standard membrane tank with multiple compartments

  • The filtration membranes, which undergo an air scouring, separate the purified water from the biomass.
  • All piping, valves and instrumentation may be connected in a loop to a biological system.

The fully automated skid-mounted filtration system

  • The skid-mounted system can easily be integrated into existing or new works. It includes both filtration and membrane cleaning systems.
  • The skid may optionally be replaced by a container holding everything: membrane cleaning system (integrated maintenance and backwashing tank), valves, instrumentation, pumps, compressors, integrated and standard automation.

An extensive range to meet all requirements

Biosep™ Pack filtration units can be rapidly specified and delivered all around the world. The Biosep™ Pack range is specified according to flow and dimension criteria.

  • Standard models cover flow rates from 4 to 110 m3/hr .
  • Higher flow rate versions can be requested.
  • Memrod™ solutions specifically meet the requirements of ships.