Quality objective

High-quality treated water

The water quality obtained by Biosep™ is fully compliant with stringent environmental standards and meets municipal and industrial requirements too.
Biosep™ achieves high removal of carbon and nitrogen pollution and retains almost all of the suspended matter, with performance unmatched until today. It remains stable whatever the load variations. Disinfection of the treated water is provided by the integrated membrane filtration step. Additional disinfection may be necessary depending on the guarantees required.

Efficient treatment of municipal and industrial effluents:

Examples of performance for municipal effluent

Biological treatment


≥ 75-90 %

≤ 30-50 mg/l (according to hard COD)


≥ 80-95 %

≤ 5-25 mg/l


≥ 90-95 %

≤ 5 mg/l

TN (Total Nitrogen) 

≥ 70-80 %

≤ -5-20 mg/l

TP (Total Phophorus)

≥ 80-90 %

≤ -1-10 mg/l


Total coliforms

4-5 log

Heat tolerant coliforms

4-5 log

Faecal streptococci D

4-5 log

(For industrial effluent, please contact us)