Biosep™ / Neosep™

Membrane bioreactor (MBR)

Effective, compact, easy to use

Biosep™ is an aerobic biological treatment process treating municipal and industrial effluents.

An innovative solution developed by Veolia Water Technologies, Biosep™ combines two proven technologies:

  • Biological treatment using activated sludge
  • Membrane filtration

Biosep™ produces very high quality water, fully compliant with the highest standards for water reuse for irrigation and industrial applications.

With more than 120 references worldwide, Biosep™ is recommended for:

  • Significant reduction of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus pollution
  • High and simultaneous removal of bacteria depending on the treated water, completed by downstream disinfection.

Veolia also offers "Biosep™ Pack", new standard membrane filtration units:

  • Flexible and modular solutions
  • Guaranteed performances identical to those of the conventional Biosep™ process

Biosep™ is sold under the Neosep™ trademark in Japan, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.