Features & Benefits

BioSAF Features & Benefits

The BioSAF is an upflow Bioreactor which employs a high-efficiency neutral buoyancy plastic media. The BioSAF consists of a containment vessel made in either GRP, GCS, coated mild steel, stainless steel or conrete with individual dividing walls, internal air and water distribution systems, charge of plastic media and internal support structure.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Established / robust fixed film technology
  • Resiliance to shock and toxic loads
  • Suitable for below-ground, partially buried or above-ground installation
  • Compact footprint
  • Low environmental impact
  • Minimal operational input required
  • Low whole-life costs, such as energy consumption
  • Design provides accurate sizing and guaranteed effluent discharge quality
  • Random packed media with a surface area in the range of 100 to 400 m2/m3 and a voidage of 95%
  • High media voidage reduces or eliminates the requirement for backwashing
  • Typical design detention times provide buffering ability to handle peak loadings characteristic of smaller works
  • Containerised sizing for ease of transport to site