Features & Benefits


A characteristic feature of the Bio-denitro™ process is that the interplay of the two process steps (nitrification and denitrification) is time-controlled (or on-line control).

This offers maximum flexibility to the optimisation of the nitrogen removal. Furthermore, the raw wastewater is always introduced to a tank with denitrification which normally eliminates the need for an external carbon source. Consequently, the effluent quality from a Bio-denitro™ system is one of the best that can be achieved today at minimum operating costs.

Today, a number of treatment systems are available based on the Bio-denitro™ process. The systems consist of 2 to 4 process tanks, with or without biological phosphorus removal and with either internal settling or external settling. All of the systems demonstrate the unique advantages of the Bio-denitro™ process.

Krüger's systems based on the Bio-denitro™ process

No. of process tanks Internal settling tank External settling tank

Without Bio-P

Without Bio-P

With Bio-P


System D

Bio-denitro™ - Double

Bio-denipho™ - Double


System T

Bio-denitro™ - Triple

Bio-denitro™ - Double + 1
Bio-denitro™ - Triple


Systerm Q

Bio-denitro™ - Quattro

Bio-denitro™ - Quattro