Biodenipho™ / Biodenitro™

Reduction in nitrogen and phosphorus levels

Phased Isolation Ditch Systems

The Biodenipho™ process reduces to a minimum the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater in addition to significantly reducing organic matter (BOD), ammonia and suspended solids.

Furthermore, it eliminates odour nuisances as the sludge is stabilised in the process.

The oxidation ditch system consists of an anaerobic tank located before two interconnected biological tanks of equal volumes and a final settling tank. The biological tanks work in an alternating mode of operation and are equipped with aerators, inlet distributors and outlet chambers.

The Bio-denitro™ process was developed by Krüger, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies, in the 1970s as an inexpensive method of treating wastewater that consistently was able to achieve high levels of nitrogen removal. Since then the process has been developed further in order to meet new and more stringent treatment standards.

The Bio-denitro is a unique wastewater treatment process developed by Krüger. The process combines functional design with an outstanding flexibility and highly adaptable operation. As a result, the process has successfully been implemented on more than 300 installations worldwide with plant capacities up to 750,000 PE.