Technical Details

Technical Details

The BioCon™ dryer can be fitted with two optional systems.

BioCo™ Energy Exchange System (BEES): Heat recovery on drying air

  • The BioCo™ Energy Exchange System (BEES) is a condensing heat exchanger which enables condensation of part of the water vapour contained in the drying air and raising the temperature of the cooling water circuit. The warm cooling water can be used for digester, building or other processes heating.
  • Condensate is, most of the time, returned in the WWTP inlet.

BioCo™ Energy Recovery System (BERS): heat production by dried sludge combustion

The BioCo™ Energy Recovery System (BERS) contains a dried sludge combustion system. The heat required for sludge drying is normally produced without fossil energy consumption, and the residual sludge quantity can be minimized.