Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

In addition to optimal drying, the BioCo™ technology brings other benefits.

  • Operational security and safety:

    o The drying air and sludge circulate in co-current, which limits fire risks. The drying air gets into the dryer at a maximum temperature of approximately 170°C, while the sludge enters at a temperature of approximately 20°C.

    o The BioCo™ dryer works without dried sludge recycling, preventing the formation of dust. This eliminates the fire risk related to its inflammation.

    o This highly automated system has sensors, detectors, alarms, stopping procedures and a sprinkler system. It is also characterized by its low belt speed.
  • BioCo™ works at relatively low temperature; between 170-120°C during the first drying step and between 100-80°C for the second. Several heating systems can be used to achieve these temperatures.
  • The drying plant is maintained in slight negative pressure by a centrifugal fan ensuring continuous extraction of a part of the drying air. In a conventional configuration, the incondensables and the excess air return to complement the boiler combustion air. The tightness of the sludge distribution system seals prevents any odor emissions.
  • The BioCo™ dryer is a tried and tested industrial tool with 22 references around the world.
  • The range is available in 10 models, covering evaporation capacities from 500 to 3,000 kg/h