Biobed DUO; Biobed Advanced; Biothane; Veolia

Features and Benefits

Biobed® DUO

System Features

  • Standard reactor heights of 25 m combined with a standard range of reactor diameters provide a range of reactor volumes up to 4000 m3.
  • Both reactor and conditioning tank are completely enclosed and pressurized to eliminate any emission or smell from the system
  • Mixing conditions in the sludge bed can be set by the operator independent of other system parameters
  • The sludge withdrawal piping grid is multipurpose designed for Nitrogen injection at the reactor floor to temporary boost mixing of the entire sludge bed.
  • The sludge withdrawal piping grid can be cleaned and flushed in – situ with the reactor feed pump to prevent blockage.

Anaerobic treatment advantages

  • COD loading rate 20-30 kg COD/m3.d
  • COD removal efficiencies 75-90%
  • Compact system using minimal space
  • Full control of emissions, no odour
  • Biogas production for energy recovery
  • Minimal surplus sludge production
  • Fully automated and operator friendly