Features & Benefits

Biobed® Advanced

Proven superior performance showed lower operating costs

The Biobed® Advanced system achieves at high reactor loading rates, not only the sludge retention of a UASB system, but also achieves similar COD removal efficiencies.
In pilot and full scale plants a stable and reliable granular sludge increase was always observed.To date 20 systems are in operation, some for more than 5 years. The largest reactor is 9000 m3 and treats a load of 183 ton COD/day at a paper mill in China. This high loaded system shows superior COD removal efficiencies, which results in reduced chemical costs and substantially reduced aerobic post treatment costs.

The experience from full scale plants has shown that the Biobed® Advanced system requires less investments, less overall operating costs and requires less operator attention compared to other anaerobic systems.

Compact settler reduces investment cost

The Biobed® Advanced settler can handle higher liquid and gas upflow velocities, and thus reduces the required settler area in the reactor. The compact design requires less construction material and results in a roughly one meter lower reactor height.
The standard design fits round and square tanks, with heights of up to 20 meter.

A simple but very effective effluent collection system with submersed pipes completes the design Standardization and using standard stainless steel plates and automatic cutting limits manpower cost for construction and as such the cost per m2 of settler.

Transportation costs are reduced by using outer settler dimensions which fit nicely in standard 40ft sea containers.

A world of advantages

  • Based on fundamental research
  • small compact settler and small reactor
  • Easy effluent pipes
  • Flexible reactor height
  • Flexible in construction; round steel or square concrete
  • Superior removal efficiencies
  • Excellent biomass inventory
  • Low chemical consumption
  • No odour emission
  • Reduced aerobic post treatment
  • Low foot print
  • Low investment and operating cost