Biobed Advanced; Biothane; Veolia; Wastewater

Development of the Advanced system

Biobed® Advanced

It sounds hard to believe a wastewater treatment system which is not only cheaper, but also guarantees a better performance! 

Combining the best of both

UASB systems are renowned for their high COD breakdown efficiency and the ease of maintaining and producing anaerobic granular sludge. Main driving force for implementing EGSB systems are the substantially reduced invest cost due to the higher volumetric loading rates (2-3 times) and the taller reactors (2-3x), which further minimize the required foot print.

The challenge in developing the Biobed® Advanced reactor, was combining the excellent performance of the UASB reactor with the cost effectiveness of a high loaded system. This has resulted in a novel reactor design, which showed in practice indeed superior sludge retention characteristics.

The Biobed® Advanced reactor can be built as a completely closed system, which ensures no odor emission.

Pilot plant testing

Full scale testing, complemented with hydraulic and biological pilot plant testing, handling various types of wastewater, have confirmed the superior behavior of the patented Biobed® Advanced reactor.

Hydraulic modeling using a down scaled (1:1) settler model was used to fine tune the hydraulic and gas separating properties and design of the Biobed® Advanced settler.

Also for complex wastewaters, treatment at high reactor loading rates was shown to be feasible.

During the pilot plant testing the performance of Biobed® Advanced could even be further improved by using the novel BM Control® SMART reactor control system.