Modular Package Plant

Biobed® Package Plant

Biothane offers a cost-effective and practical pre-fabricated Biobed® Package Plant solution for relatively minor wastewater streams with fewer COD loads.

Biobed™ Modular / Package Plant

The Biobed® Package Plant consists of two modules:

  • one Biobed® reactor (50m3 or 120m3) and
  • one service module

The system is capable of treating COD loads of up to 1.000 kg/day per reactor module and a maximum flow of 480m3/day.

The container framed modules are compact and transportable and therefore suitable for temporary but also for long-term use. The plant can be extended to up to six reactors per service module when production increases and is applicable for a wide variety of wastewater streams. The extension of a package plant is fast, easy and economical as it is delivered complete on-site.