BerkeLYT: Effective solution against biofilm

Sustainable and effective treatment of your water system

Biofilms challenge

Water circuits provide the ideal conditions for biofilm formation, scaling deposits and corrosion. Biofilms may endanger health and safety, damage materials, reduce heat transfer and disrupt flow processes,decreasing the energy efficiency of industrial systems.

Conventional biofilm treatments are usually cost-intensive, time-consuming and aggressive to materials and the environment. For the prevention of these hazards Veolia Water Technologies now offers a new option: solid-state catalysts.

Biosurfactants against biofilms

Veolia Water Technologies offers modern high-performance catalysts for natural disinfection of the water circuits. This innovative and proven technology is able to eliminate the biology in water transfer systems extremely effectively and environmentally soundly. With the aid of catalytically generated biosurfactants, biofilms will be detached from the surfaces of the water circuit without compromising product quality, people or the environment.

With BerkeLYT technology, Veolia Water Technologies offers a cost efficient yet non-harmful alternative: the sustainable elimination of biofilms by catalytically generated biosurfactants.