The hygienic design standard for water treatment

BERKEFELD PurBev® is a standard range of hygienic water treatment solutions for the food and beverage industries which can be scaled and modified according to specific requirements.

BERKEFELD PurBev® - a holistic hygienic approach

The wide variety of requirements placed on the hygienic design of beverage water production systems calls for specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of production processes.

The design of the BERKEFELD PurBev® product range complies with national and international directives. PurBev® does not only represent a hygienic system design. Specific know-how and binding standards ensure maximum hygiene is maintained along the entire value chain. This holistic approach guarantees high quality and reliability for the production of beverage water.

All PurBev® series are based on a system standard, which can be scaled and modified according to respective requirements.

Hygienic Materials & Components

BERKEFELD PurBev® - Hygienic Materials & Components

Special materials and components prevent microbial risks and ensure optimum product quality.

Trained Personnel

BERKEFELD PurBev® - Trained Personnel

Continuous hygiene training programs prevent contamination due to improper handling of components and systems.

Quality Assurance

BERKEFELD PurBev® - Quality Assurance

Planning, procurement, production, logistics, assembly and startup are carefully tailored to suit the specifi c requirements on hygiene.

Competent Service

BERKEFELD PurBev® - Competent Service

A worldwide network of specially trained service technicians is available for support and maintaining the value of your systems.