Mobile Water Systems For Civil Aid & Military

Reliable mobile drinking water treatment for all missions

The BERKEFELD® M range for mobile drinking water purification covers the specific needs of military operations, humanitarian aid missions and technical relief organizations. 

BERKEFELD® mobile drinking water treatment

In 1892 small water purification filters developed by Wilhelm Berkefeld were key in fighting the cholera epidemic in Hamburg, Germany. Today, more than 120 years later, humanitarian aid organisations and armed forces around the world still rely on BERKEFELD® mobile water treatment solutions. Based on the expertise from thousands of systems fielded Veolia now offers a comprehensive BERKEFELD® range for mobile purification of drinking water.


Mobile drinking water system BERKEFELD® M4 light

Mobile drinking water system BERKEFELD® M4 light in Pakistan

Mobile drinking water systems for military use:

  • Main Operating Bases
  • Forward Operating Bases
  • Forward Operating Sites
  • (Main) Patrol Bases
  • Especially for missions abroad

Mobile drinking water systems for humanitarian aid:

  • Refugee aid
  • Flood disasters
  • Earthquakes

Mobile drinking water systems for technical relief missions:

  • Municipal emergency water supply

Water sources

In case of a humanitarian crisis mobile drinking water purification is a top priority

Mobile BERKEFELD® systems are able to purify water from almost any raw water source:

  • Well water
  • Surface water
  • Brackish water
  • Sea water

Our expertise

Modular and flexible mobile drinking water plant  BERKEFELD® M15 UF

Modular and flexible mobile drinking water plant  BERKEFELD® M15 UF 

  • Process engineering and process design
  • Modular design concepts
  • Manufacturing
  • Configuration management
  • System integration
  • Consulting
  • Refurbishment and maintenance

Full service

BERKEFELD® mobile drinking water plants at Veolia service site

Mobile BERKEFELD® drinking water plants at the Veolia service site in Celle, Germany

Veolia Water Technologies offers a broad range of specialised services for mobile BERKEFELD® drinking water plants. Our full service covers all logistics including operating the systems in mission thus ensuring the highest operational readiness. 

Service modules

  • Assembly & commissioning
  • Training & advisory
  • Support for operation
  • Spare parts management
  • Worldwide customer service
  • Maintenance & repairs
  • Factory overhaul & refurbishment
  • Service concepts & consulting
  • Documentation (Digital, S1000D, S2000M)