Service for BERKEFELD® water treatment plants


In many cases, a BERKEFELD® water treatment plant is an integral part of complex, cost-intensive production processes. Possible disruptions must be professionally remedied immediately. Our AQUAservice team supports customers world-wide - either on site or remotely.

Essential factors for success in the beverage industry are quality and reliability. Veolia Water Technologies provides a reliable, demand-oriented AQUAservice for BERKEFELD® systems:

  • Commissioning and assembly
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Spare parts and commodities
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Temporary water supply
  • Plant analyses with regard to energy efficiency, carbon footprint and water footprint
  • Refurbishments

Operator trainings

Veolia provides operator trainings for BERKEFELD® water treatment plants

Our experts can professionally train your staff to properly operate, control and maintain your BERKEFELD® water treatment plant.

Spare parts, maintenance & remote service

Veolia provides original spare parts and maintenance for BERKEFELD® water treatment plants

BERKEFELD® technicians support you in preventing plant downtimes and in optimizing plant performance - on site as well as remotely on request. 

Filter material, membrane service & chemicals

HYDREX chemicals for BERKEFELD® water treatment plants by Veolia

Whether microfiltration or ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis or nanofiltration: Veolia Water Technologies service technicians check the performance of your BERKEFELD® membrane filtration system, provide professional membrane cleaning and ensure smooth exchange of high quality filter materials, including the recommissioning of your plant. 

Our HYDREX program offers a wide and established range of dosing chemicals for water treatment.

AQUAservice plant audits

Veolia offers AQUAservice audits for water treatment plants

We check existing water treatment plants regarding their quality and efficiency and - if neccessary - develop concepts to increase their performance and to save energy, water and dosing chemicals. To this end, we try new antiscalants, provide water recycling options and procedural improvements.

Water analysis

Water analyses by Veolia Berkefeld

Our in-house laboratory, at our headquarters in Celle, provides reliable water analysis and professional evaluations.