BERKEFELD® Power Plant Water Treatment

BERKEFELD® Water Solutions for Power Plants

In power plants a constant and reliable supply with water in the required qualities is particularly crucial. Veolia Water Technologies offer BERKEFELD® solutions for:

  • Cooling tower make-up water treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Boiler feed water treatment
  • Condensate polishing
  • Wastewater treatment (e.g. from flue-gas desulfurization)

In close collaboration with our clients we select the best technologies and combine them to produce the water quality needed. Your benefit: cost-effective water treatment plants designed to satisfy individual requirements.

Cooling tower make-up water & raw water treatment

Actiflo® clarifier combining flocculation and settling by Veolia

Actiflo® - Very compact high-rate clarifier combining flocculation & settling

Compact BERKEFELD® systems are able to treat all types of raw water used in power plants:

  • Drinking water
  • River water
  • Surface water
  • Sea water
  • Well water

For each individual client request we select the optimum treatment method from our recognised technologies.

Demineralisation according to VGB standards

Skid-mounted BERKEFELD® demineralisation plant by Veolia

Skid-mounted BERKEFELD® demineralisation plant by Veolia

For the treatment of raw water and process water to demineralised water BERKEFELD® plants use the following procedures:

  • Pretreatment by conventional filtration or / and membrane technologies
  • Demineralisation by ion exchange
  • Reverse Osmosis and Mixed Bed Exchanger
  • Electro deionisation (CEDI)
  • Degasification (membrane degasification, rinser, vacuum degasification)
  • Secondary treatment

By optimal selection and combination of our treatment processes we can guarantee compliance with the quality requirements for boiler feed water.

We also take specific requirements of our customers into account:

  • Retention of organic material (TOC)
  • Retention of Silicate (SiCO2)

By offering compact skid-mounted plants we are able to reduce the installation time significantly.

Condensate polishing

BERKEFELD® condensate polishing plant by Veolia

BERKEFELD® condensate polishing plant

There are extensive requirements for operating safety, availability and quality of condensate treatment in power plants.

The condensate will be treated using:

  • Oil separation (if required)
  • Cartridge filters (backwashable, non- backwashable)
  • Ion exchange
  • Chemical conditioning

The various combinations of ion exchangers and associated internal or external regeneration will be selected in accordance with the requirements of our clients.

FGD wastewater treatment

BERKEFELD® system for the treatment of FGD wastewater

BERKEFELD® system for the treatment of FGD wastewater

The waste waters produced during the flue-gas desulfurisation process have to be treated before being discharged. The main requirements are:

  • Gypsum desaturation
  • Reduction of solids
  • Removal of heavy metals

The treatment procedures for flocculation, precipitation and sedimentation will be designed as two-staged processes. If requested by our clients a continuous sand filtration will be added.

Depending on the location of the water treatment plant and the discharge requirements to be fulfilled there further treatment steps can be necessary:

  • Further reduction of solids (filtration)
  • Further reduction of specific substances (nitrate)
  • Evaporation (ZLD = Zero Liquid Discharge processes) for reliable compliance with water drain regulations

Process water treatment

Multiflo® lamella settling process for process water treatment by Veolia Berkefeld

Multiflo® process using lamella settling for process water treatment

For the treatment of process water in power plants we deliver amongst others:

  • Conventional settling tanks
  • Multiflo® process for clarification and lamella settling 
  • Circular clarifiers
  • Sludge treatment