BERKEFELD® Beverage Water Treatment

BERKEFELD® Beverage Water Solutions

Water is our most essential requirement. It cannot be replaced with other substances but its characteristics can be modified. For decades international beverage companies have been relying on integrated BERKEFELD® plants and world-wide customer support to meet their specific water treatment needs. The unique expertise of the BERKEFELD® engineering team - now part of Veolia Water Technologies - lead to the development of the BERKEFELD PurBev® hygienic design standard for product water treatment. 

Everything from a single source

From a wide selection of technologies Veolia Water Technologies develops customized BERKEFELD® water treatment solutions considering:

  • Cost of investment and operation
  • Operating reliability & long life cycle
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Water retention and distribution
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Automation level
  • Size limitations

Depending on customer requirements Veolia Water Technologies can provide: 

  • support in planning (Gross and detailed planning)
  • process design & engineering
  • plant manufacturing
  • delivery, assembly and commissioning
  • documentation 
  • world-wide customer service and operation support

BERKEFELD PurBev® hygienic design water treatment

BERKEFELD PurBev® RO reverse osmosis system for soft drink production

For a perfectly hygienic beverage water treatment Veolia Water Technologies has develeoped the BERKEFELD PurBev® system design in collaboration with leading international beverage companies. This hygienic design standard is based on the experience and expertise of our engineers specializing in beverage water solutions. It takes into account both legal requirements and international standards and directives applicable to beverage water production. The BERKEFELD PurBev® product range guarantees:

  • Optimum product quality an product safety thanks to minimized microbial risks
  • Maximum system availability 
  • Economical operation
  • Reduced consumption of chemicals, water and energy

Treatment of brewing water for beer production

Veolia supplies BERKEFELD PurBev water treatment plants for brewing water

The adjustment of the total hardness and carbonate hardness, the removal of nitrate, as well as the reduction of salinity (e.g. sodium chloride), are important considerations of brewing water treatment. Furthermore, we have the expertise to meet the special water quality demands of our customers, for example, such as for High Gravity Brewing.

Treatment of bottled mineral water and table water

Veolia supplies BERKEFELD PurBev water treatment for bottled water production

The treatment of natural mineral water is only permitted with restrictions. The respective laws and regulations have to be considered when planning new water treatment plants.

BERKEFELD® plants by Veolia Water Technologies meet respective quality requirements and official regulations for bottled mineral and table water. Removal of iron and manganese, as well as particle filtration with cartridge filters, often occurs. We are also offering treatment concepts and filter material for reducing and removing the following substances:

  • Ammonium
  • Uranium
  • Arsenic
  • Radium (226 and 228)
  • Ozone and Fluorides
  • Lead

Treatment of water for soft drink and juice production

Veolia supplies BERKEFELD PurBev water treatment for soft drink & juice production

Water used in soft drink production must fulfill quality requirements of the highest level. The water must have a positive influence on the taste of the beverage, be crystal clear and biologically perfect and, despite differing water compositions at different sources, must always be available with a consistent quality. BERKEFELD® plants by Veolia Water Technologies fulfill water requirements for the production of non-alcoholic beverage and juices:

  • low alkalinity
  • no iron or manganese
  • low organic pollution
  • low nitrate content
  • low salt content

Process water treatment

Veolia Berkefeld supplies process water treatment plants for beverage production

Water plays a vital role for beverage production not only as a product ingredient. CIP-systems, bottle cleaning machines, powerhouses, quality testing laboratories and several other ancillary units require water with the most diverse quality. The high demand of water makes it a significant cost and quality factor for beverage companies. Veolia Water Technologies understands these demands and can provide cost-effective, technically-proven solutions for a sustainable process water supply. 

Water recycling

The production of beer, soft drinks and fruit juices requires large volumes of water. In some regions the safe and continuous water supply is threatened due to:

  • Water scarcity
  • Rising water prices
  • Legal limitations of water intake and discharge
  • Insufficient water quality

Water and rinse water recycling, modern regeneration methods, multilayer membrane systems, as well as automation and plant optimisation, are possible ways of reducing specific water consumption.

Veolia Water Technologies developsupgrades and enhances effluent treatment systems in order to recycle used water and treat it to drinking water quality. The reclaimed process water can be re-used for various applications throughout the facility. Your benefits:

  • Reduce your fresh water costs (20 - 60 %)
  • Reduce your waste water discharge costs
  • Diversify the source of water supply
  • Boost production capacity
  • Protect the environment

Wastewater treatment

Anaerobic bio-recator Biobed Advanced for wastewater treatment by Veolia

Veolia Water Technologies provides sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment in beverage production including aerobic or anaerobic processes enabling the generation of biogas as a renewable energy source, e.g.: