BERKEFELD & AQUANTIS Water Treatment Solutions

Engineering based on 125 years of experience

Veolia Water Technologies offers customized BERKEFELD® and AQUANTIS solutions for water and wastewater treatment.

BERKEFELD® process water treatment system in a power plant

BERKEFELD® Power Plant Water Treatment

BERKEFELD® solutions for power plants ensure cooling tower make-up and raw water treatment, demineralisation, condensate polishing, FGD wastewater treatment and process water treatment. BERKEFELD® power customers include Alstom, E.ON, Hitachi, RWE, Siemens and Vattenfall.

BERKEFELD® Beverage Water Treatment

Product water, process water and wastewater treatment for breweries and the production of mineral water, table water, soft drinks and fruit juices. Our portfolio includes the BERKEFELD® PurBev hygienic design standard. 

Mobile drinking water system BERKEFELD® M 15 UF by Veolia

BERKEFELD® Mobile Drinking Water Systems

BERKEFELD® M Range - mobile water treatment plants for civil aid and military missions produce drinking water from sweet, brackish or sea water according to the WHO and German drinking water standards. 

Anaerobic bio reactor BIOBED Advanced for wastewater treatment by Veolia Aquantis

AQUANTIS Wastewater Solutions

The AQUANTIS team of Veolia Water Technologies develops innovative industrial wastewater treatment solutions using aerobic and anaerobic technologies as well as membrane filtration.