Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Azenit™ can treat raw water directly or in downstream of a settling step.

The influent passes through a contact zone where the inlet water is mixed with a part of recirculated sludge. This first stage of Azenit™ process enables selection of non-filamentous bacteria thus avoiding any floc bulking.

Total Nitrogen removal

Carbon pollution is oxidized and nitrogenous pollution is eliminated in a biological reactor fitted with a sequential aeration control system (ECOREDOX).

The purifying biomass makes the nitrogen nitrification in aerated zone and the denitrification in anoxic zone.

Thanks to the contact zone, it can handle load variations without a system disturbance.
The biomass concentration is maintained and controlled in the reactor by acting on the recirculation or extraction of sludge from the clarifier.

Depending on the characteristics of the wastewater to be treated, Azenit™ can be used in two configurations:

  • Biological treatment in a reactor, oxidation channel type
  • Separated anoxic and aerobic zones configuration with recirculation of mixed liquor.

The nitrification and denitrification stages are optimised by a strict control of the aeration by using the ECOREDOX process.