Nitrogen and/or phosphorus removal

Azenit™ is an optimized wastewater treatment process by activated sludge for nitrogen and/or phosphorus removal.


Azenit™ removes simultaneous nitrogen, phosphorus, COD, BOD and suspended solids, including a bacterial tank and oxygen consumption control.

Azenit™ can be included in the effluent treatment chain, directly on pretreatment downstream or after a primary treatment.

Main configurations

  • Azenit™: for nitrogen removal.
  • Azenit™ P: for simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal.
  • Azenit™ C+: with methanol added for an efficient output for low global residual nitrogen requirements or for low COD/N ratios of the influent.
  • Azenit™ BIO+: for nitrogen load fluctuations (stormwater, seasonal variations e.g. tourism), the running of the reactor switches automatically between two configurations: one for low load conditions, the other for high load ones.
  • Azenit™ C-S: for seasonal industrial influents, highly loaded in carbon, with high bulking risk.