Classical Tubular Filters

The Auto-Shok and Auto-Pulse Filters are classical tubular filters

Auto-Shok Tubular Backpulse Filter

The Auto-Shok filter consists of a vertical vessel with tubes suspended from a tube sheet. The filtration is from the outside of the tube to the inside. The filtered liquid then flows up the inside of the tube through the openings in tube sheets into the top head. The top head area serves as a reservoir to filtered liquid.These filters normally use a filter aid to precoat the filter substrate and provide fine filtration.

Auto-Pulse™ Bump & Run Tubular Backpulse Filter

The Auto-Pulse™ Tubular Backpulse Filter is designed to accomplish submicron filtration without the use of pre-coats or filter aids. This design makes it possible for small amounts of product to be recovered from waste streams and returned to the process stream without contamination. A variety of membranes are available for each application to enable direct filtrate quality.