Induced Gas Flotation

AutoFlot® Induced Gas Flotation Separator

Mechanical Tank Design - Froth flotation, the selective separation of solids and free oil based on the degree of surface hydrophobicity, is accomplished in the specially designed compartments of this separator.Induced gas properly introduced and of the correct size improves the separation process. The AutoFlot® tank is constructed to provide efficient water retention time providing a small overall footprint. The total volume of the tank is divided into four chambers, or cells which sequentially refine the water to eliminate the oil and solids content.

AutoFlot® Static Flotation Separator

Hydraulic Pressurized Tank Design - Horizontal Induced Static Flotation system is designed to effectively remove free and emulsified oil(1) from water. AutoFlot® Static Flotation is sometimes referred to as a hydraulically induced flotation cell. Each ASF unit consists of a horizontal cylindrical vessel that is divided into four in-line flotation cells, an inlet box and an outlet box. Similar to the mechanical design, cells sequentially refine the water to eliminate oil and solids.