Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

The Athos™ process complies with all regulations on the disposal of wastewater treatment sludge whilst remaining cost-effective. It benefits from the technological expertise and track-records of the Veolia Group, the world leader in municipal and industrial water treatment.

An environmentally friendly process

Athos™ is a clean technology: all the sludge components are recycled, recovered or discharged to the natural environment with no adverse effects.

  • Final result: a concentrate of mineral matter accounting for only 1% to 2% of the quantity of initial liquid sludge;
  • Possibility of recycling the technosand for building materials;
  • Stabilization of the heavy metals in the solid residue in a non-leachable form (inert waste);
  • Zero emission of polluted gases nor harmful by-products (nitrogen oxides, dioxins, furans);
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emission (50% drop in CO2 emissions compared with incineration;
  • Destruction of toxic, malodorous (Hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan, etc.) and organic trace substances.

A cost-effective thermal process

Operating costs are reduced by:

  • Moderate operating conditions (temperature and pressure, limited O2 consumption);
  • Reducing the dewatering stage. The dewatering of oxidation residual doesn't require reagents and reaches 50% of dryness.

A flexible process

Athos™ provides high operational flexibility:

  • Treats all types of thickened sludge (7 to 8% of DS);
  • Possibility of adjusting retention time, temperature and oxygen flow, in accordance with sludge composition;
  • Equipped with advanced automation.

A compact process

Thanks to its compact design, Athos™ can be fully integrated into the wastewater treatment plant and provides continuous sludge processing, as well as by-product treatment.