Physical and chemical deodorisation

Aquilair™ is a physical and chemical deodorization process based on the transfer of odorous gaseous molecules to a liquid phase.


Aquilair™ comprises one or more successive washes of polluted air in a counter flow system, via aqueous solutions, in wet scrubbers operating in series. These scrubbers are filled with inert material watered with the chemical solution which enhances the contact between the gas and the liquid.


  • Aquilair™ treats highly concentrated gaseous effluent which may have concentrations of odorous components as high as 1 g/m³.
  • This highly reliable technique enables to achieve treatment yields in excess of 99%, ensuring the total absence of odor-induced pollution.

The scrubber packing material characteristics (type, specific area, volume, depth) are selected to optimize the gas-liquid contact time and molecule transfer.