A proven 25-year track record

The first advanced online control was put into operation in 1992. Today, we hold approx. 80 references covering a total of 13 mill. PE. The references are distributed over 13 countries and amount to 600 years of operating experience.

About 25% of domestic waste water in Denmark is connected to a AQUAVISTA™ Plant, formerly known as STAR Utility Solutions™. AQUAVISTA™ Plant solutions ranges from visualisation and simple calculations to advanced control using generic algorithms and model predictive control (MPC).

Well-proven and many references

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Selected advanced online control case studies

The KLAR Utility in Køge is an independent utility company that covers 4 municipalities, south of Copenhagen: Køge, Greve, Solrød and Stevns

Increase of hydraulic capacity and reduced operating costs

AQUAVISTA™ Plant was installed in 2011. Focus was on optimum control of sludge level and capacity during rain as well as savings. The savings were primarily related to optimisation of energy consumption at N/DN phase control, oxygen supply and dosing of chemicals for precipitation. 

Download the full case study here

SK Utility - Denmark

Full control of the entire wastewatertreatment system

Slagelse WWTP + small satellite wastewater treatment plants share the same online control - Aquavista™ Plant. Download the full case study here

BlueKolding, Denmark
Implemented 2011

22% reduction in capital Investment with Sewerflex

By choosing Sewerflex, BlueKolding was able to successfully meet its environmental performance goals at a capital investment cost 22% lower than originally anticipated. Download case study "Reduction of Capital Investment at BlueKolding wastewater treatment plant" 

Glina Wastewater Treatment Plant, Romania
Implemented in 2013

Increased biological capacity with Bioflex

Increased N removal in the biological stage without any plant modifications or capital Investment. Stability of the effluent concentration improved considerably with significantly less variation in effluent concentrations.

Download case study "Increased biological capacity at Glina WWTP" 

Czajka Wastewater Treatment Plant, Poland Implemented in 2012

Optimised control of wastewater treatment plant

Optimised control by means of the WasteWaterManager -Control reduced operating costs and improved the effluent quality to such a degree that compliance with EU's effluent discharge standards was possible. The upgrading and extension of Czajka, one of the biggest WWTPs in Europe, achieved all goals of such a large and complex environmental Investment. Download case study "A holistic control approach at Czajka WWTP"

Copenhagen West sewer Networks and WWTP, Avedøre, Denmark

Development project 2012- 2014

75% reduction of overflows with Sewerflex

It was demonstrated that, the Copenhagen West wastewater utility Company would be able to successfully meet their very ambitious environmental performance goals of approximately one discharge of untreated wastewater every two years and at the same time reducing the costs by 83 percent of the costs related to the conventional alternative of expanding the storage facilitiesby implementing Sewerflex."
Download case study "Reduction of overflows in Copenhagen"

Wastewater treatment plant, Lynetten, Copenhagen, Denmark

30% reduction of total nutrient pollution

Simulation studies have shown using AQUAVISTA™ Plant, Copenhagen is able to achieve its goal without the construction of any additional storage tanks. Download case study "Sewerflex - optimises the operation of catchment in Copenhagen"

Riga Wastewater Treatment Plant, Latvia
Implemented 2013

30% increase of the treatment capacity

In 2013, Riga WWTP increased its treatment capacity by 30 percent (from 730,000 PE to 1,050,000 PE) by the installation of the BioDenitro™ process and the implementation of AQUAVISTA™ Plant. The financial Investment amounted to one fifth of the costs of a conventional solution, i.e. extension of the process volume. Download case study "Bioflex - minimise capital Investment in Riga"

Ede Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Netherlands
Implemented 2011

Bioflex meets EU effluent standards

In order to avoid a costly extension of the plant, Veolia Water Technologiesin the Netherlands and Krüger suggested the implementation of onlinecontrol with focus on optimisation of the biological treatment capacity, i.e. the Bioflex which is part of the AQUAVISTA™ Plant.

Download the full case study about Ede WWTP