Suite of software products for municipal and industrial customers

Based on advanced real time control and forecasting, the intelligent tools continuously provide optimal operation and maximize the value of the existing systems for both water and wastewater facilities.

Online control of wastewater systems

AQUAVISTA™ Plant, formerly known as STAR Utility Solutions™ is a suite of intelligent software tools for online control of wastewater systems.

With the advanced online control AQUAVISTA™ Plant, it is possible to achieve significant benefits in terms of operating costs, biological capacity and/or hydraulic capacity.

CONTROL - Advanced software control of WWTP and sewer networks

Improved operation and quality - reduced operating costs

  • Up to 25 percent energy reduction for aeration
  • Up to 100 percent reduction of Chemicals

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Increase hydraulic capacity

Hydroflex focuses on reduction of process volumes while increasing the hydraulic capacity. 

  • Smaller footprint
  • Minimal or no sludge escape from secondary settling tanks

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Increase biological capacity

Bioflex minimizes effluent concentrations and increases biological capacity.

  • Up to 40 percent higher biological capacity with same effluent concentrations as before
  • Up to 30 percent reduction in biological volume
  • Up to 50 percent less total Nitrogen in the effluent

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Environment and bathing waters - capital savings

  • Up to 50 percent Capital savings in new storage volumes
  • Up to 25 percent reduction in overflow volume

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OVERVIEW - Real Time overview of the complete state of the system


Quick overview of the sewer system - save time and resources

  • Key data from overflow events
  • Visual presentation of the state of the sewer system

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FORECAST - Reliable forecasts, flow or energy


Be prepared for flooding during heavy rain - make socio-economic investments

  • Earlier evacuation of Citizens
  • More reliable infrastructure

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Early warning system - prepare for future events

  • More precise, local forecasts of the system based on weather forecasts
  • Better real time control and use of sewer storage capacity

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Utilisation of the energy in wastewater - flexible consumption of electricity

  • Electricity consumption when the price is low
  • Electricity production when the price is high

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