Aquaflow's market leadership

Aquaflow Ltd. offers impressive global know-how and over 50 years' experience in the Total Water Management of effluent treatment and sludge dewatering within the pulp & paper industry.

Aquaflow has developed its core processes and main equipment for specific demands of the pulp & paper industry and supplied more than 200 tailor-made turn-key reference plants all over the world.

Aquaflow receives top ratings in customer survey made by international marketing consulting firm Dibs

Feed-back from P&P customers and experts

According to a customer survey made recently by an international consultant firm, customers in the pulp & paper industry rate process functioning, application know-how of the supplier and reliability of offered technology as most important elements, when buying environmental technology.

Aquaflow got top ratings in all the three elements and was ranked as the unrivaled market leader, ”Highly Superior” 10/10. Our clients also appreciated tailored solutions, fast service and face-to-face meetings. Aquaflow received top marks also here.

According to the results of the survey, reference plants were the best way to describe credibility of the supplier. Aquaflow was known to have more references than other corresponding suppliers.

Aquaflow’s market leadership and development potential was raked very high and Aquaflow is expected to bring constantly new solutions to the market.

This survey based on qualitative methods and interviews with customers and experts was made by a French marketing consulting firm Dibs.

Having this kind of feed-back strengthens our belief in our business and our long-lasting project and product development, says the managing Director of Aquaflow, Mr Seppo Wallinmaa.