AQUAFLOW, Pulp & Paper Specialist

A Complete Range of P&P Solutions

Aquaflow is the leading environmental full-service water company specializing in water, effluent and sludge treatment equipment, plants and services in the pulp and paper industry.

Due to its unique technology portfolio and experience of over 50 years, Aquaflow is a recognized global reference all over the Pulp & Paper industry. 

Choosing Aquaflow as your partner means choosing of high quality equipment, guaranteed process performance under variable loading conditions and reliable achievement of stringent permit criteria.

Aquaflow is celebrating it's 30th anniversary

Aquaflow with own Pulp & Paper key equipment and processes has always had strong belief that the waste and wastewater is not easily ending from the world. Someone has to take care of water purification. Aquaflow’s aim still is to be with superb references the global market leader in effluent treatment and sludge dewatering of large pulp mill projects also in the future.

Tailor-Made Design & Build Solutions for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Aquaflow has successfully completed hundreds of projects of various nature all over the world. All our installations are known for high performance and coherence even with the highest and most stringent environmental standards.