Marine Harvest / New Hatchery

The Norwegian company Marine Harvest, the world's leading salmon breeder, has entrusted Krüger Kaldnes with the design and construction of three wastewater recycling facilities.

Marine Harvest / Dalsfjord Smolt Production

Marine Harvest in Norway has awarded Krüger Kaldnes the contract for construction of a new recycling facility at the hatchery on Dravlaus in Dalsfjord.

Multilevel flatfish

A multilevel shallow raceway flatfish farm combined with a multilevel RAS system based on KaldnesTM Moving Bed process- technology, Hydrotech drumfilters and an ozonation and foaming unit.


Krüger Kaldnes has recently signed an agreement with Sundsfjord Smolt for the delivery of a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) for reuse and quality management of process water for land based fish farming - Kaldnes® RAS.