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Course in Microbiology and Wastewater Treatment

This year's AnoxKaldnes course in Microbiology and Wastewater Treatment in Sweden will be held Online.

We aim to make this a unique online course with a lot of interaction and chances for virtual discussions with the teachers and the other course attendees. We hope this will be a positive change so we can reach out to more people and not only something we are forced to do due to the situation in the world. We will do our very best to keep the inspiring course atmosphere and to make you feel welcome to our facilities without being here in reality! 

The online course will be live and time for the lectures will be suited for European, Asian and African participants. However, if there is an interest from other parts of the world, let us know and we will try to fit your needs.

Just like previous years, the course is dedicated to the hard working teams that are doing all the work in the biological wastewater treatment processes – the microorganisms. Learn how to keep them happy and how to get rid of unwanted guests.

The focus of this course is on the general microbiology of biological wastewater treatment. Whether you are a process operator/process engineer or working in sales, process design, commissioning or engineering design, you will enjoy the coverage of topics, the in-depth lectures and the hands-on troubleshooting.

The course will be held online 2-6 November 2020

There are still some open spots!
Registration deadline extended to October 23 

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