AMDRO™ Technology

A technology for treatment of acidic wastewater.

Acidic Wastewater Treatment

AMDRO™ is a patented technology for desalination of acidic wastewater with high concentrations of metals and calcium salts.The technology combines our ACTIFLO® high-rate clarification process with filtration, reverse osmosis and ion exchange to generate high-quality effluent with minimum pretreatment requirements.

The processes ahead of the RO reduce the particulates and retain scale-forming contaminants to prevent the scaling of membranes upon concentration.The RO is operated in double-pass mode to treat the wastewater first under acidic conditions, which effectively controls scaling, and then at a neutral pH condition, to further remove dissolved inorganic compounds.

For applications requiring high-purity water, the permeate is further polished with mixed bed ion exchange demineralization. The result is high-purity water with a low dissolved solids concentration.

AMDRO™ Technology is particularly applicable for:

  • Phosphate Industry - Phosphoric Acid Concentration and Phosphate Pond Water Treatment
  • Coal Mining Industry - Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
  • Steel Industry - Hydrochloric Acid Concentration
  • General Industry - Acidic Industrial Wastewater Desalination

When compared to conventional treatment, the process significantly reduces the cost for water treatment chemicals and sludge disposal. AMDRO™ Technology has low capital cost and incorporates effective scaling control to minimize the frequency of RO membrane cleaning.

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