Technical Details

Technical Details

AF-Sed™ Primary Clarifiers

AF-Sed™ primary clarifiers provide a uniformly high sludge outlet consistency and incorporate a sufficient reserve capacity to handle unexpected fiber spills from mill upsets. The clarifier's bottom slope and unique rake arm design reliably process the high consistency sludge.

Aquaflow's AF-Sed™ primary clarifiers feature a special torque control to prevent damages to the rake mechanism in case of very viscous sludges.

Available in stainless steel, AF-Sed™ clarifier assures a long service life with low maintenance. We can supply primary clarifiers either with center drives or with more economical peripheral drives for larger units.

AF-Sed™ Secondary Thickening Clarifiers

AF-Sed™ secondary thickening clarifiers have several features that enhance the activated sludge process.

The central sludge thickening compartment ensures efficient removal of excess biosludge, fiber and any other inert solids that may carry over from the primary treatment process. This thickening compartment also enables higher waste sludge concentrations to be obtained (2 - 4 %) and thereby reduces the volumes to be pumped to the sludge dewatering and eliminates the need for a separate sludge thickener. The submerged thickener section also eliminates possible odors.