ACTIFLO® Softening

ACTIFLO® Softening

ACTIFLO® Softening removes hardness and alkalinity to improve water quality for municipalities and industries. It combines both clarification and softening processes to achieve optimal water treatment.

Designed to further enhance water quality, ACTIFLO® Softening combines in a single compact treatment unit both clarification and softening operations to reduce water alkalinity and hardness. At the same time, the process removes other water components such as silica, heavy metals, fluorides and phosphates as well as TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and organic matter.

Rapid and efficient, ACTIFLO® Softening produces very high quality water.


ACTIFLO® Softening is an ideal solution for many industrial and municipal applications:

Municipal Applications:

  • Surface and groundwater softening for drinking water production

Industrial Applications:

  • Water pre-treatment to avoid potential membrane scaling
  • Water production for cooling tower make-up
  • Water recycling for cooling tower sidestream
  • Treatment of produced water in the Oil & Gas industry
  • SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) water treatment for reuse
  • Wastewater treatment of flue gas desulfurization and acid mine drainage
  • Wastewater reuse in the steel and metal industry
  • Phosphorus co-precipitation


  • Very small footprint: ACTIFLO® Softening is up to 10 times smaller than conventional softening processes
  • High rise rate: Up to 120 m/h
  • Retrofit: Can be easily implemented in existing tanks
  • Enhanced chemical precipitation with Turbomix™ draft tube
  • Minimizes coagulant consumption due to solids precipitation with calcium carbonates
  • Sludge up to 8% dry solids; can be easily thickened and dewatered
  • Easy start-up: Within few minutes
  • Plant-wide automation: ACTIFLO® Softening can be fully automated and integrated into existing plants


Inlet Hardness

150 - 1,000 mg/l as CaCO3

 Rise Rate

Up to 120 m/h

 Clarified Water

< 35 mg/l Calcium as CaCO3
< 50 mg/l Magnesium CaCO3

 Clarified Water TSS

< 3 mg/l

 Clarified Water Turbidity

< 1 NTU