BIOACTIFLO is a process designed for treatment of stormwater and reduction of its soluble BOD. 

In periods of heavy rainfall, water flows entering a treatment plant may may exceed its full wet weather capacity thereby preventing it from attaining the discharge quality standards required by local legislation.
BioActiflo has been specifically designed to address this issue and provide additional biological treatment when the need arises.

It involves a biological treatment - in a pre-contact tank, polluted water (BOD) is treated by activated sludge - followed by a high-performance secondary clarification: Actiflo®.

This solution helps to cut down phosphorus, 60 to 80% of soluble BOD, and 85 to 90% of total BOD. It equally helps to maintain the integrity of the main treatment plant while avoiding sludge overflows.


High performance: pre-contact tank: 10 – 20 min combined with an Actiflo

Treated effluents comply with EPA (USA) discharge standards for suspended solids and BOD

Ideal solution for «online» treatment of stormwater in combined sewer systems

Highly economical with low footprint

Effluent quality guaranteed even with high flow fluctuations


Stormwater treatment